Okay I'm back from tour and other than a weekend trip to New York you're gonna be stuck with me for the rest of the year. Touring is always fun, but the older I get the more I miss home, so I'm looking forward to these months of downtime. Plus I've got a busy release schedule planned for the rest of the year, so it gives me more time to dedicate to the site. Thanks to everyone who ordered records while I was gone. I really appreciate it and all of your records went out yesterday. Also thanks to everyone who came out to shows, introduced themselves, bought records or drinks, and gave us a place to crash. It's always nice to meet customers and be able to put faces to the names.

As far as tour goes it was fun times as usual. Got to catch up with some old friends, and see some great bands. Highlights for me include finally getting to visit the Vanguard in Milwaukee. What's not to love about a place that combines sausage, wrestling, and booze? Sammy taking us on a band date to the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Seeing FOSTER CARE three times and them killing it each time. Allison is a beast on the drums and all the new songs rip (hopefully see a new LP next year). Playing with IV from Minneapolis. IV (intravenous not 4)  is a new punk band from Minneapolis who features members or ex-members of pretty much every punk band (minus the Sleaze) that's come out of the twin cities in the last 10 years. I had no expectations going in and was pleasantly surprised. Awesome band and I hear there are recordings on the horizon. Getting pulled over in central Ohio, and having one of the cops blast 'Blue Medusa' in his squad car while Erik and Sammy were locked up in the back. They searched the van but found nothing (thanks Sammy).  And of course the biggest highlight of all was Gonerfest. We got to play Saturday night and despite one of Erik's baking soda bombs making it's way into my eye that was one of the funnest sets I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Beyond that the best sets of the weekend were Feedtime, Tyvek, Foster Care, ISIS (the new band/ acting troupe lead by Mr. Biloxi), and Derv Gordon blew the roof off the Hi-Tone to close out Saturday night. On top of all the killer bands it's like a big yearly family reunion, and I thank Goner 14 years of Gonerfest.  Now I'm back home but not fully recovered, and will spend the next week busting ass trying to answer all the emails, get all these SUBURBAN HOMES stamped and stuffed (out October 10), and getting all the great stuff that came in while I was gone up on the site.

Also we just got in the test presses for the VERY MENTAL 7" (should be out late October) and the RIK & THE PIGS LP (out late this year/ early 2018.  We just leaked Donny Says off the Pigs LP on our soundcloud. Check it out
here, and see the PIGS and PATSY on tour over the next couple of weeks. Speaking of Patsy we will have their mini LP in stock in the next two weeks.

Thanks again,


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