BEST OF 2017

BEST OF 2017

If I could have my way I would have 2017 stricken from the record.  Last year I broke my foot, had to cancel a tour, was listed as dead by the Social Security office, Sprint charged me $5,000 in fraudulent charges then shut off my phone, and these are just the things that aren't too painful to talk about. On top of that we were all forced to live out the first year of Trump's presidency which was just as nightmarish as one would expect. That being said 2017 also have a few awesome moments.  I spent my first wedding anniversary at Wrestlemania, played Goner Fest for a second time, spoke in front of two classrooms of middle schoolers about running a record label, and had an LP put out by GONER RECORDS! I'm just going to pretend those things happened in 2016 though so I never have to think about last year again.  All that being said here is a list of my favorite non Total Punk releases and reissues of 2017.



Hands down my most played release of the year.  Anyone who has been in earshot of me since late September has heard me yammer on about the greatness of Dinosaurs.  Led by Bob Reuters, Dinosaurs made the rounds in late 70's as the house band at various dive bars and biker joints around St. Louis.  Equal parts Lou Reed, Gizmos, and Penetrators. IT's that good. With liner notes just as great as the music contained within this is without a doubt my favorite record of the year.  It might take a few listens for you to fully digest the genius of Dinosaurs, but once you have it hards to stop flipping.  


DOGS- Slash Your Face 7"

Slash Your Face has long been one of my favorite KBD tracks. Tough as nails, hard riffed Motor City rock action that burns right out of the gate. IT's totally insane that all three of these tracks were recorded live.


NANCE, DAVID- Negative Boogie LP

Before this LP I was completely unaware of David Nance but quickly started working backwards through his catalog once I had my socks knocked off by this one.. Easily one of my most listened to LPs of 2017. This record grabs you by the throat and never lets go. At the top of my bands I need to see live list. It's not often I go wild when I see a band live anymore but I don't think I could sit still while David Nance lays down the Negative Boogie. 


NEON- Is Life CS

Despite the fact that I put out a cassette in 2017 I'm not really a fan of the format and have to really like something to dust off the old tape deck these days. Well Neon had me dusting it off with regular frequency. 5 spontaneous combustible punk freak-outs. I can't imagine any of these songs ever sound the same twice and the world is better for it. Here's hoping for more NEON in 2018!



 I know the 7"  sold out quickly  in Australia with a repress already in the works, but it's time for the rest of the world to get clued in. Four track debut 7" by this wiry Australian punk band landing somewhere between Rough Trade and Flying Nun. All four tracks on their debut 7" are killer. And every song is my favorite.



After two killer singles put out by yours truly Patsy is back with their best effort to date.  I didn't think Tuley Tude High could be outdone, but they proved me wrong.  Patsy opens it up a bit on their first long player with great results. One of my resolutions for 2018 is to see Patsy live. 



PSICO GALERA- Senza Via Di Fuga 7"

LVEUM had quite a year in 2017 with a constant barrage of great releases but in my opinion the PATSY and PSICO GALERA stand above the rest of the pack. Pummeling Italian hardcore punk done right. 


RIK & THE PIGS- Blue Jean Queen 7"

Goddamnit I didn't think The Pigs could beat the bummer vibes of Life's A Bust, but The Pigs come through yet again with an absolutely killer slow burning B Side for Feel It. "Off/ On" alone is worth the price of admission.  On the A side we get two tracks of greasy glam from Rik & The Pigs which is a great primer for the Pigs LP on Total Punk. These guys are seriously the best band on the planet right now.



Great female fronted synth punk from Melbourne Australia. 


VITAL IDLES- My Sentiments 7"

Another great 7" that seemed to slip under the radar. On their debut single this Glasgow groups gives us the Rough Trade style post-punk hit 'My Sentiments' backed with the equally great pop jam 'In The Garden'.

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