The older I get the bigger  sucker I've become for obscure heavy rock groups that fill the dusty corners of history between the death of the 60's and the advent of punk. Acid damaged misfits equally informed by Stooges and Black Sabbath with no real place to call home. Putting out long forgotten 45s usually pressed privately and in miniscule numbers.  

That's why its been such a delight that series such as the Bonehead Crunchers have come around in recent years. Collecting hard to find sides from  hard rock, proto-punk, heavy psych, and boogie bands you most likely have never heard of onto two killer sides of vinyl.  Sure there might be a dud in the bunch but it's made up for when you find tracks like "Cold Feet" by Australia's CHOOK.  Permanent Records and Riding Easy have joined in on the fun and have just released the third volume of Brown Acid. Some of the bands on the latest volume fall outside the sweet spot of the early 70's, but if it unearth's tracks like "Wizard" by Houston's Blown Free I'm not complaining. In addition to the latest volume we also got the first two back in stock. Crack open a beer, open the windows, light one up and trip out on Brown Acid.

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