We've got another label to add to our Australian roster.  Total Punk alumns Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Leather Towel, Drug Sweat....) and Will Harely (Housewives, Tim & The Boys, B & The Blips) have started a new label called Xerox Music which saves artifacts from the wilds of early 80's Australia. We are now helping with North American distribution. I couldn't be happier about this for one because Jake's a good dude, but also because he introduced me to the world of Plastic EP.

PLASTIC EP & THE RECORDS were from Melbourne and  released two singles between 81 and 82 which Xerox has compiled on this here slab.  "At Home" is frat rock gone new wave . Penetrators gone herky jerky. These guys were probably pretty hateable live and I love them for it. On the B side our boys have kicked out the drummer and replaced him with a drum machine that goes by the name of Dr. Rhythm. They've also added an organ player/ producer named Rudy. PLASTIC AND THE RECORDS have jumped full tilt into the new wave. We've got an organ that sounds like it was put on the tuba setting, dog barking  and baby crying sound effects, electronic hand claps, and they somehow make it all work.  These guys would probably kill at a Bar Mitzvah. "Forget All I Said" almost has a Stranglers feel to it. 


Oh you aren't off the hook yet.  Apparently Plastic EP & The Records recorded another 7" between the first and second which never saw the light of day because the studio lost the master tapes.  And wouldn't you know the a side is called "Well You Want To Make A Record."  Typical Plastic.  I bet this was part of his goofball master plan. Sit on it for almost 40 years and wait to be discovered. And of course they are two of his best. The story goes that despite the studio losing the masters the band escaped the sessions with a cassette recording of rough mixes, which is what we get here.  Plastic at his gruffest. 


Okay so that is everything you can buy but wait there's more! PLASTIC is still going!  And going strong. He has his own youtube channel with over 390 videos. Most of them don't even have 100 views, which makes it all the more awesome that he's still doing it. A lot of the videos are songs him and his wife make together.  Brace yourself this is a youtube wormhole that is hard to get out of.  Here's a few choice cuts to get you started including a track he recorded with Jake three year ago.

Available July 16 through Floridas Dying (stores get in touch)

You can read more about them here
and here

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