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BLACK AND WHITE- We Make The Standards And We Make The Rules LP

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BLACK AND WHITE, who are active in Tokyo, have released their 2nd album ``WE MAKE THE STANDARDS AND WE MAKE THE RULES'', their first in 4 years. The love for 70's British PUNK ROCK is expressed not only in the songs but also in the details of the work, and the sound sources so far are wonderful, and this work is also a current masterpiece in terms of song quality and sound production.YOUR PEST BAND Yamazaki moved to Tokushima. Everything from the original recording to the mastering was done by him. SMALLSPEAKER's bass player Honma is in charge of the sleeve/label design. A total of 10 songs filled with 100% PUNK ROCK, completed with the support of people who have a deep understanding of the band, is a album that all music fans should listen to!

For Recommendation, UK 70's Punk, Registrators, Teengenerate, The Smog, The Geros, Xl-Fits, The Young Ones, Sneeze, All other Japanese bands!