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* REAL LOSERS, THE- Good Clean Fun LP

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Way back in the early 2000s  Real Losers were right at the top of the heap of best punk bands going on this planet. In fact the 'Go Nutzoid' and 'Don't Leave Me Now' 7"s were amongst the first I distributed. When I started Total Punk I was sad to have missed my opportunity to work with The Real Losers because they were the archetype of what a Total Punk band should be. Well come to find out the 'Go Nutzoid' and "Don't Leave Me Now' 7"s were originally recorded a long with a bunch more tracks with the intention of being their second LP. However at the time a bunch of offers were coming in so those recordings were split up over a series of 7"s and comp tracks with some never seeing the light of day (it's tough being popular). Last year the band found the original tapes and the songs were remixed and slid into my inbox. These sessions find the band at the peak of their game. The perfect combo of Stooges riffage and budget slop now with the addition of some serious pop hooks. Twenty years late to the game but I am happy to announce that REAL LOSERS- 'Good Clean Fun' will finally be released as the band intended and TOTAL PUNK finally gets to put out a Real Losers record. LONG LIVE THE LOSERS!!! Trashed, smashed, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!!