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ADVERTS- Rehearsal Tape LP

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 In 1977 The Adverts sent a five song cassette they recorded at a rehearsal to Chiswick Records. Chiswick chose not to pick up the band and the tape sat at the label’s headquarters until October 2022 when the tape was auctioned on eBay. The winning bidder was Henry Rollins who, upon hearing the tape, contacted TV Smith (the band’s singer and principal songwriter) and got permission to release the tracks. The tape was transferred at Tonal Park in Maryland and mastered by Mikey Young in Australia and it sounds incredible in all its raw glory.
The Adverts were one of the original Class of ’77 UK punk bands and they were arguably one of the best. Their singles and debut album, Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts, are all time classics of the genre. Rehearsal Tape is the first time the band was ever recorded. In The Red and 2.13.61 are over the moon to have the opportunity this punk rock artifact on vinyl. Pressed on red vinyl and limited edition.