GEE TEE- Rock Phone 7"
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GEE TEE- Rock Phone 7"

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Sydney's unstoppable synth punk rock kings GEE TEE continue their reign over the world. You will play it, and flip it, and play it, and flip it again. Hooks galore!  Do we detect perhaps a little less panic in their rock than before? Could this mark a move towards a more mature GEE TEE? We are hoping not! But hey, when you can pull of a mid-tempo anthem like ROCK PHONE you are in truly rarified air. Every song delivers! Every song is great!

What else do you want from a record, a back rub?

Behold your new favorite record from your new / already favorite band!

This record makes you feel happy, and hopeful, and glad these lunatics are out there making music. They really have no business being able to do such a thing in such messed up times, but GEE TEE makes it happen!

Full-length album coming late 2022 on Goner.