ALLIN, GG & THE JABBERS- 1980's Rock N Roll 7"
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ALLIN, GG & THE JABBERS- 1980's Rock N Roll 7"

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Blood Orange Records is proud to announce the FIRST and ONLY Official Reissue of this iconic record, including the original recordings, remastered and with bonus content.

Originally released as a 2 song EP Blood Orange Records has added 2 more cuts to make it a 4 song 7”. Including both the original and LP versions of Cheri Love Affair we have also included the previously unheard original mix of 1980’s Rock N Roll (before it was brought to Tom Bartlett for a “tone down”) as well as the LP version.

Limited to 500 copies - this pressing comes with a 2-sided reproduction of the original 1980 flyer and a November 1979 Newsletter that were mailed to members of the fan club. Also included is a color 2-sided info sheet with rare photos, facts and background info.