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a writeup by david from mononegatives:

The spiritual centre of North American record pressing in 2021 might as well be a reopened Alcatraz. You will send off jobs only for them to linger locked up, with the global supply chain crisis and the major label chokehold over the process holding the keys. The Birdman of Alcatraz and Al Capone might have been trapped on the island fortress but this 7” record managed to break out of the pressing plant penitentiary. A near impossible escape but everything in the end is highly improbable, finally seeing this record get pressed proves nothing is impossible.

Mystery Girl and Mononegatives met in Albany New York and immediately hit it off after playing together. Our bonds went beyond the usual “great set buddy” stage and after sometime a split 7” was proposed, the juxtaposition of both bands styles making it a treat for people who enjoy their punk sounding velvety as well as violent. Two songs from Mystery Girl on the A side backed with three from Mononegatives on the B side. Both bands put out their debut full lengths in 2021 and this split is a good supplement to those.

On the Mononegatives side subjects such as time travel, science, and the Omertà of the pro wrestling world known as Kayfabe are used as literary devices to describe the social and existential situations that need to be navigated in everyday life. Mystery Girl shift the focus on their side with an original and a cover. Their song Loveline will have you hanging on to each word dealing with the classic subject of romance. Mystery Girl is the music to listen to when you are burning up inside on an all night drive just to get to that special someone.

This record beat the odds and came out in less than eleven months thanks in part to the incredible work put in by Feral Kid Records. 500 covers screen printed for the 500 records pressed. Multiple different cover colour variations to send the aging record dorks mad. This split between two bands is also a split label release between the above mentioned Feral Kid and Brain Slash Records. Mononegatives will have copies for Canadians. At the end of the day records take forever to come out but all good things take time and the months long wait brought all parties closer, proving that this split needed to happen. Hopefully you will find as much enjoyment in listening as we had releasing this. Merci Beaucoup.