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Spiral Dub is a sparkling-new assemblage of players from LIFE STINKS, MANE, DIIV and FUCKWOLF. Nothing new about disparate angles converging, but there’s a jarring, real-deal severity running through this new ensemble, making it one of the most impressive new acts in Subterranea.

Theirs is a laced party jive, spat in the spiritual tradition of massive-sound Mancunian legends, peppered with acid punk nihilism with bright beams of pop shining through the clouds. Vocalist Chad Kawamura’s poetics are a thing of pure and vile beauty. The band’s pile-on triple guitar approach is hypnotic, bursting with smarts and legitimately groovy. As past-it provocateurs and a force both live and on- record, Spiral Dub are at once a necessary antidote and stark affirmation of San Francisco’s current DIY Rock’N’Roll landscape, a scene where despite all appearances, no one ever actually wins.

Here then is the sound of confrontation through escape --- a band exercising radical honesty while reaping the benefits of destructive behavior and deviant thought. Spiral Dub is heard on loop at the end-of-the-world rave, a tragicomic soiree where hearts continue to beat despite herculean efforts of self-sabotage, pumping fresh blood through each new bummer, navigating the sharp swirls of hallucinogenic damage, building a new home for human slime.

Sanctuary Moon is incredibly honored to present Spiral Dub’s debut album. It’s quite a trip.