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Josephine is a shape-shifting songstress, performance artist, multi-instrumentalist, natural-born yenta, soul-singing diva and sexy socialite making a splash in the New York pop scene – be it at rock clubs, drag nights, freak-art hideaways, or even your cousin Barry’s Bar Mitzvah bash! Something like cognitive dissonance is at play between the sultry, sensitive, cotton-candy crowd-pleasing sounds of 60s/70s AM she employs, and her bawdy Yiddish showgirl stage persona. Or as she would say: “Cockamun with a bissel hunnick” (that’s “Shit on you with a little honey” for our goyish friends). But make no mistake, the Josephine package is total, executing both performance and song craft with aplomb. 

Music is Easy, Josephine’s debut album showcases ten distinct tracks, from lush folk psych ballads to neo Merseybeat stompers; blue-eyed-soul belters to the soaring heights of pure popdom and back again. Recorded at Relic Room NYC by Josh Hahnon, using all analog equipment from the golden era of pop records, of which these nuggets were dug up. The sounds are at once classic and modern = altogether TIMELESS.

From Carole King (on “Through A Sea of Time”) to Tommy James (on “I Heard You’re Going to Leave Him”) and any one of the Beach Boys (on “Me and My Boys” or “Dear Money”), Josephine channels bygone sounds like some kind of sonic psychic medium. For fans of soft-rock gems, soulful sides, early Todd Rundgren or Twilley and Seymour; the sound of a soft morning kiss, the pitter-patter of summer rain, the eagle flying high on a Friday afternoon – Music is Easy and listening is a cinch.

Already recognizable from her previous body of work, lending silky pipes and deft fretwork to some of the days best glam punk outfits (Brower, Velveteen Rabbit, and The Jeanies), here Josephine remerges – a vision to be had and heard – waddling the line between sincerity & camp, with a stellar set of songs that’ll grab every rockin’ lover and true believer in pop music from the last half-century by the ears, rattling whatever’s left in-between them, and restoring their dormant faith in music – with ease and a wink.

Lookout for her band, The Josephine Network (featuring members of Brower and The Doilies) playing somewhere in the city, Brooklyn, or Queens – probably TONIGHT!