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DOA- Word War III 7"

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In 1979, DOA teamed up with Ron Obvious and Bob Rock at a midnight-to-6:00-A.M. studio session at Vancouver’s Little Mountain Sound to record and mix, on a shoestring budget, what is arguably one of the top ten punk rock singles of all time. 
Penned by guitarist / singer Joey Shithead and drummer Chuck Biscuits, and helped along by bassist Randy Rampage, “World War 3” really hit the mark for the times, starkly criticizing the US–Soviet nuclear arms race. Sadly, 37 years later things in the world are not any better. Music can still speak the truth. 
The B-side “Whatcha Gonna Do?” features Biscuits’s all-star drumming and Shithead’s songwriting in a Jamaican- inspired departure for the young DOA. 
Sudden Death is proud to rerelease this gem by Canada’s punk pioneers on vinyl for the first time in 37 years in a strictly limited edition.