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LOYDE, LOBBY- Do You Believe In Magic 7"

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We’re doing a deeper dive into fave LOBBY LOYDE’s oveure. “Do You Believe In Magic” is obviously not the famous hit by The Lovin’ Spoonful. It is a Lobby original and was in fact one of the earliest COLOURED BALLS tunes dating from early ‘72. The ‘Balls never ended up recording it. A few months after their split in early ‘75, Lobby recorded it with him on lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, JIMMY THOMPSON (ex- Vince Maloney Sect, Tony Worley & The Blue Jays and Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs on drums, plus PAUL DIXSON on sax. This single was issued in December 1975 on the Bootleg label and has never been reissued before. It is an honor and pleasure to keep Lobby’s music alive.