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SACRED PRODUCT- Angry Red Planet 7"

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Lynton Denovan has been laying down some of the finest slices of antipodean shronk rock for a few years now so I’m sure to many calling by these parts it’s a name that’s come up over the dinner table often.

Any release from Lynton’s various projects are worth snooping out and savouring; be it the swampy squelch of Satanic Rockers’ and Assetstrippers blown out Pignose amplifiers, Encounter Group or Lynton’s solo vehicle Sacred Product as we have here with the follow up to 2020’s Eternal Soundcheck cassette “Same Old Gag”.

And what a follow up, turns of phrase and melodies are carefully sharpened and delivered in a way that at times brings George Henderson’s work to mind, but the riffage is a much more scabrous and barbed affair, sitting more comfortably alongside the The Aesthetics, Butthole Surfers with a little dusting of Darkthrone’s hard hitting hypnotic trance, all the while sounding completely authentic to Lynton.

Rock keep rolling!