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HALL- Last Days of Youth LP

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HALL is a doomy, dark garage rock three-piece from Berlin and Leipzig evoking demons and chills down your spine. Made my infatuation with their initial two-piece live show, it has been a goosebumbs fest, us got shivers for the epochal, doomy catchy vocals, pushed forward of the raw force of rhythm section to an pivotal urgency of self destruction. Skip the self-care and funeral hugs! If you bats suck the MISFITS blood out of the HEX DISPENSERS, try to snake out of the evil, muddy swamps of HALL! "Last Days Of Youth" is their debut album and first release and has eleven originals. Maybe only the grandchildren of german Krautrock stoners are made for such an resonating diabolical album about the dark side of the moon and the frightening polycrisis of all and everything. The analog worldview is shaped of 400 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies of transparent green vinyl with black swirls. Album comes with exceptional result of a solanaceous foto shoot and a printed inner cardboard sleeve as a reminder of the artists and the music was carefully analog cutted for vinyl pleasure. Go bonkers!