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* ARCHAEAS, THE- Rock N Roll 7"

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We're winding things down over here at the Total Punk stamp factory.  Only two more singles to go and then its big slabs from there on out.  I'm beyond happy that The Archaeas are in this final class.  Hailing from Louisville, KY The Archaeas have quitely been amassing their legion of followers with an absolutely jaw dropping live show.   I've put out a lot of singles in these last eight years, and this is one that will sit at the front of the pack. Recorded by fellow Total Punk Gino Bambino, these two songs come just about as close as you can to capturing them live.  Raw, loud, and filled with hooks. The Archaeas write the kind of songs you only  have to hear once before you know them.  This is their first vinyl release but I have no doubt we'll be hearing from them for a long time.  The other two songs they recorded with these two are just as good and if I weren't getting out of the singles game I'd be begging to put them out as well.  Hopefully I can convince them to make the transition over the big records with me.  Lean, mean, and 100% TOTAL PUNK.