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CYCLO-SONIC- Everything Went Stupid LP

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Long before the "Denver Sound" was created by banjos and mandolins, loud and powerful guitar driven rock bands played Denver's underground music venues. Bands like The Fluid, The Rok-Tots and Choosey Mothers drew on influences from hard rock groups of the late 1960s and early 70s as well as the exploding punk rock underground that was sweeping the nation at the time. The Fluid earned national and international audiences after relentless touring and several record releases. The Rok-Tots and Choosey Mothers achieved more local notoriety but all three contributed to a very loud, very high-energy Denver scene. Some of those players never put down their guitars and Marshalls but continued playing in the style and with the energy they loved. Guitarist Matt Bischoff (Fluid and Frantix) and bassist Arnie Beckman (Choosey Mothers) played for nearly 10 years in the Buckingham Squares before joining forces with front man Jif Jiper (Rok-Tots) and drummer A.J. Beckman (Choosey Mothers) who were playing in Supermodified to form Cyclo-Sonic. Their continuing effort to blow minds and blow speakers is presented on the disk you now hold. Enjoy it loud.