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BASHFORD- Greener Grasses LP

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Like ripping off a band-aid or taking a cold shower, Bashford brings excitement and grit to a decaying music scene gasping for a breath of fresh air. If you're looking for a band to book for your little kid's birthday party, a Sunday church gathering, or a nice, quiet evening out; then this is NOT your band! Bashford is loud and we like to rock and party so expect the unexpected! Warning: These are not your cookie-cutter clean vocals! Bashford sounds like a pack of cigarettes laced with LSD! Not for the faint of heart! We're coming to your town with our devil-may-care attitude to mess around and do punk stuff so don't be surprised when the cops are called! This is Bashford's 5th album and by far its most raucous. Written during a time of deep isolation, born out of boredom, comes the album "Greener Grasses". Songs like "Bitter Masses" point at the absurdity of routine living and "Supermanic" plays at the bands devil-may-care attitude. "Spiraling" talks about an innate desire to be wild and the track "Unrefined" showcases their chaotic nature and punk roots. Talking about relationship trauma is the song "Serendipity". And if you want a song that symbolizes the smell of sweat and beer in a packed basement punk show then "Gateway To The Underworld" is for you. Loud screaming vocals hover over heavily distorted guitars and fast drumbeats to create an environment of controlled aggression. Fun to dance to; head-bang to; jump to; or whatever the hell you want to do, Greener Grasses delivers on being a riotous, tumultuous album.