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A meeting of the Necks! Big Neck Records and Brassneck Records join forces for this killer international split 7”. The UK side features pound shop rockers Chinese Junk serving up 3 more lo-fi blasts of back to basics ridiculously catchy Ramones influenced garage punk. First song is about being wound up by society, second song kicks out against Ben Nuthink’s hometown and the third track is a Loli and The Chones cover. Yep, Loli and The fuckin’ Chones! That should alone be enough of a reason to snatch this baby up! Like three angry hornets in a jar with five minutes of air, Chinese Junk are B-U-G-G-E-D bugged out!

Flip the record and it’s a wild studio project featuring members of Mitch
Kramer, Lost Riots and Canadian legends The Phone Jerks. Musically it’s a frantic bounce around between early Black Flag smashed with the quirks of The Briefs and the swagger of Johnny Thunders. TJ (Phone Jerk) Cabot goes all Bukowski with lyrics from feeling like King Shit on a minimum wage job to a dip into the darkness of substance and mental health hell and then the woes of being the partner that never listens. The Vains are like the alluring neon lights and machine noise emanating from the arcade on the darkest night in the seediest part of town and you’re gonna love ‘em!