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* ERVIN BERLIN- Junior’s Got Brain Damage 7”

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Pressed in an ultra limited number of 200 back in 1980. Ervin Berlin was the work of Ervin Shuemake (a late 20's acid rocker) and two young punks named Jeff and Tom The Bomb. Ervin had cut his teeth playing guitar on the crazy TERRY BROOKS "STRANGE"- Translucent World LP back in 1973 and spent the remainder of the 70s in various acid, hard, and prog rock bands throughout Central Florida. He met the younger punk duo of Jeff and "The Bomb" at end of 79/ beginning of 80 and decided to take a stab at the punk craze with his two new acquaintances. Soon the trio was at a country and western studio in Winter Haven recording the Ervin Berlin single between sessions for possible Bellamy Brothers tracks.

The blending of Ervin's acid rock chops and Jeff and Tom's thuggish punk approach resulted in this KBD space punk stomper. Equal parts Blue Cheer, Debris, Sacramento's Ozzie, and late 70's Hawkind. The 7" was pressed, a few house parties were played, and all parties went separate ways. 42 years later we are kicking off TOTAL PUNK ARCHIVES with a reissue of this lost Orlando classic. 100% TOTAL PUNK