FREAKEES- Freakee Deakee 7"
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FREAKEES- Freakee Deakee 7"

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On "FREAKEE DEAKEE," THE FREAKEES continue their gritty, smirking, floor-shaking journey through all things rock n roll. From the opening hit, this record is a sharp jolt to the nerves and never lets up. This is an in your face representation of THE FREAKEES ear rattling aesthetic, humor, and commitment to DIY in Los Angeles. We had a blast recording these songs with the FREAKEE family and are psyched to have their already prolific output now include Tomothy Records. Bringing it BIG and LOUD.

True-to-form at House of Tomothy, this record was recorded on ½ inch tape on our OTARI MX-5050 III 8-track tape machine over the course of one weekend and mixed down to ¼ inch tape on our OTARI MTR-10, 2 CHANNEL reel-to-reel deck by Timothy and Tom in February 2021. Mastered tape-to-disk by Kevin Gray at Cohearent and pressed at Erika Records Inc.

Committed and consistent with our goal at TOMOTHY RECORDS to highlight the best LA has to offer and embrace all things analog, no short cuts were taken and no computers were used in the creation of this record. Get yer FREAKEE on!