LIVING EYES- Peak Hour Traffic 7"
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LIVING EYES- Peak Hour Traffic 7"

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Geelong garage band The Living Eyes are back from the grave this August, with a two- week tour of Japan and a new 7” single you all never expected to hear.
Musically up-beat and wonky noted, not dissimilar to the likes of The Fall, 'Peak Hour Traffic' is a self explanatory whinge at chaotic intersections and traffic jams in large cities these days.
Recorded on a weeknight in Geelong at the end of June by the band themselves, stems were then sent the next day to mix master Mikey (Young) in Rye to polish up and trim the fat.
The Living Eyes will play one Melbourne show at The John Curtin Hotel on August 17th, their first headline since performing at this years Golden Plains festival, shortly before leaving for an eight- date tour of Japan.