MIDNITE SNAXXX- Let Me Do What I Want 7"
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MIDNITE SNAXXX- Let Me Do What I Want 7"

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We are so happy to have this one on Bachelor! Its the latest single of San Francisco punkrock outfilt MIDNITE SNAXX! What started in 2010 with RAW DELUXE single "Like Lightning" as three piece is now a half women half men combo!


They sure got some history, here's the namedropping.... LOUDMOUTHS, BITCHSCHOOL, LOLI & THE CHONES, BARBARY COASTERS, THE OGRES, BAD DADDIES, ...
The two songs on this classic big center whole single are just like we like it here at Bachelor Records HQ, simple, catchy and with a punkrock edge!
Limited to 500 copies, housed in a risoprint sleeve, handcrafted bit mark, and a black inner sleeve... made with L-U-V.