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MOTHER'S MILK- Render Void At Gate LP

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Here I am, literally on the release day of my records, screening posters for them and writing up something for you to read about them. Story of my life...I'll perpetually be hanging from a bumper on a skateboard....but it will probably be a shopping cart and not a skateboard.

So Mother's Milk. The name grossed some out, I hope it did you pervert. Also why? Mother's Milk is Uniform and Uniform is Mother's Milk. I thought we could outlast another band with the same Nomme de plume....but I was wrong. So 2020 rolls around and we are all trapped at home. I'm in heaven in my basement and the woods behind my home. I start demoing out some song's. Bought a Korg MS-20 for cheap that came in a box with no padding and paint splattered on it. Having the time to just sit around I started incorporating synth and tape and whatever junk I had around. I had temporarily dissolved Uniform after a half a year run that didn't seem to be gaining any momentum. This felt like something different and I decided to change the name and start fresh. The name originally was a Wymyns Prysyn song that we never recorded, beyond a poor phone recording that I overdubbed vocals onto. I was listening to a lot of the Sea Urchins, The Moles, pre-Loveless My Bloody Valentine, The Ronettes, Felt, Blackout etc while writing this. Drinking red wine and eating mushrooms in my woods watching the creek and collecting rocks. Lyrically all songs are connected, but not in a completely linear way. I plan on converting the ideas into a short story, maybe now that this is out I'll have time. Loosely the story involves people traveling to this other world. When the enter the atmosphere of the other planet they immediately lose all consciousness of self and are assigned (unaware) identities that are controlled thru the usage of infrasound. The narrative is what happens in the time on that world and concludes with the return home. I was reading stuff like Kathleen Ann Goonan, Greg Bear "Blood Music", J.G. Ballard "Concrete Island" around this time. The production of this record culminated in the end of a decade plus long relationship and also me leaving a job that I was at just as long. Into a new job that gave me time to put energy towards what I wanted to extract of life and a new relationship that had me excited to be alive again. A lot of death occurred during this process, but a lot of beautiful things were born as well. I'm grateful this exists now and hope it finds its way out into the world and plants some seeds.