PHARMA- See 7"
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PHARMA- See 7"

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Detroit's PHARMA is a 4 piece hodgepodge of local garage rockers from The
Stools and Toeheads. Krystian Quint (drums) Joey Hanania (guitar) will Lorenz
(bass) combined forces to bang out a blend of bluntly ferocious hardcore fronted
by Charles Stahl on vocals that confronts discomfort head on. Paranoid feedback,
impossible blastbeats, fuzzed bass, and acidic growls are the language they use
to explore topics ranging from the dangers of encroaching nationalism,
demonology, suburban drug use, and familial fallouts. PHARMA teamed up with DIY
superhuman Erik Nervous to record an EP for Big Neck records which will arrive
on wax this spring.

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