PINK NOISE- Economy of Lunch LP
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PINK NOISE- Economy of Lunch LP

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FFO: Pere Ubu, Happy Mondays, Television Personalities

The Pink Noise has germinated since 2007, both in the mind of lead cynicist Mark Sauner as well as through a slew of excellent records on such fine imprints as Sacred Bones, Skrot Up, Almost Ready and Bennifer Editions (to name but a few). The narrative arc over the course of these records is in direct conflict with the external trends and slick clamour of the millennial smog encompassing our collective psyche and has garnered acclaim from such discerning cognoscenti as Byron Coley, Thurston Moore and Rich Kroneiss.

On their 8th LP, Economy of Love, The Pink Noise cash in their cheap Casios for robust production and shed some angular affect in favour of confident, sprawling, palpable cool. Sauner’s brand of observational diligence is equal parts personal and punishing as he saunters through a grocery list of emotional turmoil, while Graeme Langdon’s aerobic synth and guitar workouts bring the listener to a sweat. Loopy rubber funk and sly electronic maneuvering colour these songs in a neon palate and bathe them in fluorescent lighting. Street- wise ruminations on love, friendship and the negative space that is left in their absence. Alienation. Add to the mix the expert musicianship of Simone TB, Tara Desmond, Garrett Johnson, and Gabby Smith, and the Pink Noise are elevated from bedroom cacophony to socially distant supergroup.