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"When we powered up the machine, there was a light which glowed from a central location like a third eye. It would pulsate as the sound emanated from the speaker in the unit. Somehow it was very warm, comforting and hypnotic. We later found out that this light acted as a crude VU meter pulsating more brightly during peak output. This is when we first heard "The Quatrillion Revelations" in all its mono glory. What could this "music" be? It was peaceful and yet menacing. Was it a soundtrack? Was it composed by some Northeast Ohio Christian death cult? It was impossible to know. There was no information except for the title on the back of the tape box. It seemed to be composed of analog synthesizer, guitar, tape delay and god knows what else. When it was recorded is impossible know." - excerpted from liner notes

- mystery "field recordings" rescued from the wilds of Ohio by the Shannon brothers, transferred and restored from original Ross tape to Technics cassette deck by Dave Shannon in 1996
- liner notes by Tom Shannon
- comes in hand stamped envelope with hand glued color artwork on both sides
- limited to 200 copies