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Pompe? Que veux-tu dire? Comment un garçon peut-il pomper? The answer’s written in stone…Rock even!

Simple Joey found that dwarf guitar in North America’s biggest gutter, called in some suds-gulping lads and hatched a ramming-speed racket that’s simply too wild to corral. It really is the pressed juice of Theee Retail Simps that’s causing all this international mayhem. Earth’s punks all writhe and slither in the lotion potion they so effortlessly excrete.

For it’s exclusively the bad decision boogie that blares out of their human jukebox, with cut A1 - “Rubble” – chain whipping garage into hardcore and back again. Hell hath no fury like Theee Simps on uppers and this is the angriest imaginable cut in their arsenal. Can’t even call it unhinged, as that would imply a tether to safety and normalcy. No such tether exists!

Oh, and happy 80th Mick! In the knight’s honor, Theee Simps jack off the famed strut anthem, mangling it even further than Chilton did. Free again, Theee Simps lick their the way to center of The Stones!

Boozy’s latest doozy really does it. Thanks Simps! We live to serve ye! - Mitch Cardwell -