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TIA ROSA- Misterio Lounge 3000 LP

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“There’s no stopping the froggies from hopping”. Tia Rosa’s psychic elevator goes up to Misterio Lounge 3000, the palace of their self described Electronic Frog Pop. In late 2021, Sam Ortiz (Cáustica Espástica), JJ (Vats) and Gabriel Guiterrez (Lysol, American Nudism, Vats) got together, adopting the popular brand of pre-packaged pan dulce Tia Rosa as their band name. Following a string of self released cassettes and domestic tours in 2022 they spent most of last year recording these eight tracks between their homes in colonia Asturias and colonia Navarte, Mexico City.

Misterio Lounge 3000 reaches behind the mirror, charming the sinister 80’s minimal electronic/post punk of Algebra Suicide onto programmed latin rhythms and experimental/new age soundscapes common in 70’s cosmic music. There’s lots of room to groove here and each track feels like a new stop down an expansive astral hallway. “Kelly” drives close with its crunchy guitar and radio interference, “Elevador Síquico” captures the sway of joyous pixelated flowers. “Glass Frog” begins with sampled frogs and ends in a delightful psychedelic freakout. “La Oscuridad” and “Floating Hour” build on the mysterious lounge feel with their respective smooth flute and sax solos.

From start to finish Misterio bounces softly like a Miró painting come to life. Mutant elevator music for obscure prophets, flute lovers and froggy dancers alike. A freakadelic electro oddity for the ages. It’s the new strange sensation and it’s happening now. Frog pop is here. Tia Rosa has delivered.