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TRENCHCOAT- Apocalypse Hits LP

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Second full-length from this London/Freiburg hardcore punk band that grabs you kicking and screaming into the depths of their dark and twisted world. Since their debut ‘Pulling The Plug On Humanity’ the most notable thing is that this is a band firing on all cylinders and don't look like letting up anytime soon. Despite members living in different countries this clearly hasn't affected this band’s hunger and creativity as they bring 12 new tracks of vicious blackened Hardcore/D-Bea with vicious, sneering vocals that are unleashed with venom and spit like a rabid dog frothing at the mouth, snaking bass lines and guitar leads that would fit nicely on any NWOBHM album past of present. The drumming is what cements everything together, bringing this nightmare to life. For reference start with some nasty hardcore, chuck in a sprinkling of classic NWOBH and garnish with some KBD punk and you have a meal that will keep your hunger at bay. Comes with a 16-page zine. FFO – Bootlicker, Discharge, Motorhead, Venom..