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UK SUBS- Endangered Species LP

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By the early 80s punk had become something else compared to what it was when Year Zero stabbed a flag in the sand and established ‘War!’ on boredom and normality. You could argue that in 1982 when Endangered Species arrived…UK Subs were very much that. The vanguard of the second wave. A crucial nook in the subculture. Still alive. Still kicking. Still prowling around the town with their best point yet to be proven. From Ambition, essentially an annihilated bluegrass-skank version of the Stones’ Satisfaction, to Indie Chart hit single Countdown and the atomic sonics of a post punk dub attack in Ice Age, all blistering guitar razors that chime against the night as well as chew it up, it’s easy to see both why Charlie Harper considers the group’s fifth LP to be their strongest and Guns ‘n’ Roses covered Down on the Farm.