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GOLDEN PELICANS- Disciples of Blood LP

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Some of these have a small crease on one corner. 

Third thug rock masterpiece from these Orlando miscreants, laying waste to the land with gruff voice and loud, raw guitar backed by in-pocket bass and drums. Lately the boot-stomp beat has been ringing true across the land- born of Slade and AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Coloured Balls, it's the sound shared by punkers Slaughter And The Dogs and modern acts such as Melbourne's POWER. Golden Pelicans have blended the blasting beat with only the strongest essences of punk, hardcore, and metal on their latest album, Disciples Of Blood. Guitar attack has been given more space to do it's damage, and the band have moved into a whole new, even more aggressive direction. Check out the cover, once again by Mac Blackout - this time the mayhem has been taken from Black & White into full-color carnage. Just as their live shows are a guaranteed ceiling-breaker, this album rages from note one to note last, perfect to accompany late-night speeding through residential back alleys, smashing bottles and crashing into trash cans. "Break the cosmos, with your mind!" seems an appropriate and possible goal when screamed at you by vocalist Erik Grincewicz. And remember... it ain't psychedelic until you kill someone. This record is psychedelic as hell. Whoo!