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This year without a doubt has been a real shit heap but thankfully the fine folks of Australia's GEETEE and RESEARCH REACTOR CORPS spent their time gathering bored friends from across the globe and putting together this excellent compilation of lockdown jams.  SICK THOUGHTS, ERIK NERVOUS, R.M.F.C., GEETEE, RRC, SCHIZOS, SPOODEE BOY, SATANIC TOGAS... hunkered down in their bunkers and recorded covers from THIN LIZZY and ELO to VILLAGE PEOPLE and HUBBLE BUBBLE and everything in between.  What was originally conceived as fun projects to stave off the doldrums of life in lockdown gained the attention of rock starved legions the world over and cheaply dubbed tapes sold out immediately. Legless records stepped in and pressed 300 copies of this document of the worst year ever and now you can own this piece of history. Gloriously stupid, wickedly fun, and highly recommended. 


Hightime - Zero Boys (Belly Jelly)
Killer On The Loose - Thin Lizzy (Sick Thoughts)
Getting Nowhere Fast - Girls At Our Best (R.M.F.C)
New Promotion - Hubble Bubble (Camshaft & Tee Vee Repairman)
I'm Bored - Iggy Pop (Mitch Casino)
Don't Bring Me Down - ELO (Snooper)
Solitary Confinement - The Weirdos (Adoom Pissfart)
60 Nights Of Boredom - The Spaceshits (Gee Tee)
Rock-N-Roll DJ - Central Departure (G.T.R.R.C)
No Time - The Saints (Dingo Doyle)
Padded Cell - The Mentally ill (Silicone Prairie)
Job - NUBS (Research Reactor Corp)
Raining Blood - Slayer (Erik Nervous)
Heart Of Chrome - The Persuaders (Schizos)
This Is The One - Thin Lizzy (Spodee Boy)
Tomorrows Tears - The Riptides (G.T.R.R.C)
Sick On You - The Boys (Adoom Pissfart)
Food Fight - Village People (G.T.R.R.C)
Double Shot Of My Baby's Love - Swingin' Medallions (Belly Jelly)
Lights Out - Angry Samoans (Satanic Togas)