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WHY BOTHER?- Serenading Unwanted Ballads LP

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Serenading Unwanted Ballads is the fifth album from Iowa's WHY BOTHER? and a testament to the fact that they will never make the same record twice. Full of twists, their unique approach to Midwestern synth punk becomes their own sound of Gothadelic, weirdo madness. Several of these tracks make their first vinyl appearance after surfacing on previous E.P.s and singles, while a newer mix of "Some Don't Dance" speaks to the unwavering creativity of the group. "Testify", recorded by friend (and contributing song writer) Aaron, while serving his life sentence at Anamosa State Prison, adds a layer of originality and bleakness to these unwanted ballads. WHY BOTHER? have made yet another album by themselves, for themselves, and for anyone else willing to be serenaded by the doom of what awaits in the shadows. Feel It Records is proud to be the ONLY record label that can offer you such things.