This month is your chance to see the best live band going. Last year I saw these guys four times in the matter of a few days and still left feeling that I didn't get enough RIK in my life.  And that was before they added the ripping sax player.  This isn't a show you can miss so get someone else to make the donuts, and get out to these shows. We want to see some butts in some seats. Also if you didn't pick up the LP yet this will be a perfect time to do so. Maybe you can even get the pigs to autograph it for you.  Send me some pics and videos when they come to your town and I'll make sure you get some extra credit on your next order.
2/13 Seattle @ Pizza Palace w/ Big Bite, Advertisement
2/14 Olympia @ West Side Lanes - Pigs Tour Kick Off w/ Oh Rose
2/15 Drive
2/16 San Francisco @ Thrillhouse Records w/ Warp
2/17 San Luis Obispo @ 2007 Broad St w/ Humanoids, Rolex
2/18 ???
2/19 Fullerton @ Continental room w/ Die Group, The Lindas, Frontier Club
2/20 Santa Ana @ the Courthouse w/ the Coltranes, HWY!, Rolex
2/21 Drive
2/22 Tucson @ Fly Catcher with Lenguas Largas, New Doubt
2/23 Tucson studio time
2/24 LA @ the Y w/ Uranium Club, Dirty & His Fists, Hit Bargain
2/25 Long Beach @ 4th St & Vine w/ Leisure World, Hip Priest
2/26 San Pedro @ Recess Ops w/ Mike Watt & the Missing Men, Joe Baiza
2/27 Orange County
2/28 LA @ the Hi Hat w/ Slaughterhouse, Tenement Rats
3/1 Oakland @ White Horse w/ Midnite Snaxxx, Beatniks
3/2 Chico @ Duffys Tavern w/ tba
3/3 Portland @ the Firkin w/ VOG, Fantastic Plastic
Sun 4 Spokane house show w/ tba

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